As an avid gardener, I have spent years looking for a plant marker that is sturdy and attractive.  The markers needed to hold up to the dogs running through the flowers and the bumps and nudges it got from me as I crawled through the beds pulling weeds. They needed to be easy to read and stay looking good for years, not just a growing season.  In the Midwest, our summers are hot and winters are cold.  The plant markers needed to be able to withstand all temperatures and types of weather.  

 I tried many different products that didn’t fit my needs …….until now.

Garden Gift Package

Great gift for your favorite gardener.  

Stakes with Writeable Inserts

Now you can label any plant in your garden.  B's Plant IDs with blank inserts allow you to write the names of your plants with ease using a UV garden pen.  

Stakes with Preprinted Inserts

B's Plant IDs offers three collections to make identifying your plants easy.


UV Ink Pen and Inserts

Use the UV pen to write on your blank inserts.  

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