This 30 Pack is an excellent choice for any gardener. Use them to mark herbs, veggies, flowers, and hosta. (Hint: Since the inserts are double sided, I write the year I planted my perennial and where I purchased it on the back side). 


  • Write the name of the plant, or the person they came from or even the special meaning behind the plant on the double sided insert.
  • If you have children, having them write the name of the plant will give them a real sense of ownership in growing and tending the gardens. 

Writeable 30 Pack Plus Pen

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  • Write the name of the plant on the vinyl  insert with a UV pen and then snap insert into place. Insert will remain in place until you remove it. Sturdy, attractive, and long-lasting.

    Made in the USA

    • 30 Stakes 9 inches tall
    • 30 Doublesided Writeable Inserts (2.5 inches long by 1.5 inches high)
    • Artline Garden  Pen