Protect your hands before you even begin your daily chores. Apply the lotion to add a barrier between you and your task to keep hands moisturized.  Using Gardener's Barrier Cream is for you and your loved ones-because hand holding is so much better with soft hands! Oh, and its smells so good-Rosemary and peppermint with shea butter and aloe.  

  • Made specifically for hands that work hard.
  • Provides before and after protection from your daily chores.
  • Applied before gardening, the cream provides your skin with a protective barrier.
  • Used after chores, it soothes and rehydrates.
  • Large 16.9 oz pump bottle.
  • Made in the USA

Gardner's Barrier Cream

    • Protective barrier for your hands
    • Use to soothe and rehydrate
    • Smells so good
    • Made in the USA